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World Betterment Begins with Workplace Democracy (published at on April 23, 2017)

The Modern Distinction between Capitalism and Socialism-- (published at on April 23, 2017) I provided the written transcription for this updated video of Professor Richard D. Wolff: "Why the Rich Can and Should Pay More in Taxes" 

Capitalism, Imperialism, and the Lies of Western Culture--December 4, 2016  This article was published at and  It has been revised here since then. 

Let's Remake Society--May 8, 2016 This book was published as five separate articles at  Earthlings--full length documentary about animal cruelty in the meat industry--very graphic scences  Gary Yourofsky's speech about how our culture treats animals and why veganism is good



Can Paleoconservatives, Libertarians, and Leftists Unite Against the Neocons?--8-10-13   (This is the Word Document of above article that was published at OpEdNews.)