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A Brief on Mountain Bike Accessories

Being an environmentalist, it's my duty to share the perks of riding a fuel-free vehicle. Instead of making use of Cars and motorbikes, choose bicycle and make our earth pollution free. Recently, I have gotten myself a Mountain bike, and I thought I should share what are the things you need to get it going.

What mountain bike accessories should one consider?

1. Backpack

The back pack is the first item in your bicycle accessories. Where else will you store your tools? The best option is a small back pack which you can conveniently attach to the seat part or on the frame.

2. Bike Helmet

It is the most important item when it comes to any kind of ride. No bike rider is exempted from a head injury in the road. The helmet will caution any harm. Modern bike helmets are both comfortable and stylish. Make sure to get the one which has more ventilation - I would say more than 14 vents is the right one.

3. Mountain Bike Gloves

There are necessary for your comfort and safety. Beginners who are holding on the handle with a death grip are cruel to their hands. Your hands are also the first recipient of the impact when you crash into the ground. Use the full-fingered gloves to cushion any damage to your hands.

4. Mountain Bike shorts

It will help you ride longer with comfort. Bike shorts are useful items to keep you light and comfy. You can get the Fox Flexair Bike Shorts which are now comfortably padded and it looks trendy and fashionable.

5. Mountain Bike Shoes

These help you pedal efficiently and comfortable. Your type of shoes will depend on the type of bike you are using. If you have a clip less pedal, get special Mountain Bike shoes that has special cleat for your pedals. A good biker’s shoes would be durable, comfortable, have stiff sole for pedal lift. Pick the right shoes for the terrain you will be riding.

6. Eye protector

This will shield your eyes from the wind, bugs and dust. When something gets into your eyes, you might hit off the trail. Eye protector, as sun glasses or clear lens glasses that are unbreakable, keeps eyes free from debris, as well as, wind that causes tears and blurring of vision.

7. Hydration System

It will keep you from losing water. Bring either water bottle or a hydration back pack as a Camelbak or similar products. Body water loss is damaging.

8. Tool Repair Kit must be a multi-tool design to repair bikes and other services.

- Tire repair for tires are prone to leakage. Patch kit must have a rubber patch, sand paper, glue, tire levers and a flathead screw driver; also a component pump powered by CO2 for quick easy operation.

- Chain Tool for the chain is easily subject to break. A chain tool can detach and reattach or carry an extra chain link.

9. Wheel/Spoke Repair is a great aid when your bike wheel becomes useless.

Bicycle shops offer the best bicycle accessories, used bicycle parts, bike parts and mountain bike parts. You can also view and order these parts, online.


Looks like I have covered most of the important things which anyone needs in their Cycling journey, if something has been left out. Do let me know in the comment section, I would be happy to add it to this list.

See on the trails!

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