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6 Essential Tailgating Items Newbies Leave At Home

What could be the 6 most important tailgating items that many newbies leave at home? Well, It’s not the charcoal grill, not the beverage cooler and not the tailgating food. But these six items should be taken to the tailgating party or you will in fact be shown to be a newbie at tailgating. The countdown of essential items for tailgating newbies begins. 1. The Tailgating Tent What better way to mark your spot at the tailgating party than a tailgating tent. These tents or canopies are very handy for  not only marking your spot at the party. They can also serve as shade on a hot late summer afternoon. For evening games they make a great place to hang lights and during a rain shower guess where you can huddle to stay dry. That’s right the tailgating tent can be used in all weather and has many uses you can get from it.  Invest about $100 in a good tailgating tent and use it at all of you tailgating parties and for your backyard BBQs as well. Can you tailgate without it? Yes you can but